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Possession of Cannabis

Florida drug laws are rather strict when compared to other states. Not only will a person convicted of possession or any other infraction of a drug law lose their license for one year, but they will also be facing fines and in some cases jail time. The state of Florida wants the residents and visitors to the state to understand that they are not playing around when it comes to the war on drugs.
There are many things to know about the laws surrounding marijuana possession. A few examples of punishment for possession in the state of Florida:

• If you have less than 20 grams of marijuana in your possession you will be facing up to $1,000 in fines and up to 1 year in jail.

While many of these seem rather severe for someone with their first time possession charge it is not the only way it can affect your life. Below is a list of other ways that a marijuana possession conviction may cause additional stress in your life:

• Loss of employment- this can be a direct termination or a termination based on the loss of certification due to the marijuana possession charge.
• Financial hardship- many families find it extremely difficult to afford all of the fines and the loss of wages associated with losing the second income in the house due to required jail time.
• Loss of state financial assistance of scholarships for college

The State of Florida also will charge an individual with a DUI if they are caught in possession and have any trace of the drug in their body. The list below is a few additional ways that may affect your fines and jail time:

• $250 – $500;
• Up to 50/100 hours community service;
• Up to 1 year of probation;
• Up to 6 months of jail time;
• Minimum of 180 days of a suspended license;
• 12 Hours of a DUI school; and
• 10 days Vehicle Impounding .
*All of the numbers in the list are based on a first time offense and are in addition to the possession amounts.

Get Qualified Legal Help Immediately

Because drug offenses, including possession and trafficking, are serious criminal offenses, it’s imperative to get help immediately. Keep the telephone number of a qualified criminal defense attorney stored in your cell phone.