Kissimmee Florida

Kelvin Soto | Partner and Lawyer

About me…

Years ago, after serving my country as a U.S. Navy Corpsman, I worked my way through college and graduate school on the GI Bill. I then went to one of America’s elite law schools, Cal-Berkeley. When graduation time came most of my fellow students wanted jobs helping rich people keep what their parents made or help big corporations and big government rule over the country. I wanted a bit more out of life. I wanted to help those who needed it the most. Here in Central Florida, I have been able to prosper yet still bring my ideas of honor and compassion to folks like yourselves.

These days I also serve on the Board of the Osceola County School District. I am dedicated to being the voice of reason while strengthening the bridges between the community and its school district. I keep an open mind in order to understand different points of view and I encourage others to think as well. After all, we are in this together and it will take a lot more than a few of us to fix this.

Strive to minimize the suffering in the world. Strive to maximize the thriving in the world. And for God’s sake, don’t make anything worse. —Samantha 27:13