We Give Homeowners The Leverage They Need To Fight Foreclosure. The lawyers at Soto Mack specialize in foreclosure defense and mortgage debt liability removal. We use federal regulations and Florida statues to help families develop leverage against their lender so they can either keep their home, stay in their home, or walk away from their home debt free. We are very good at what we do.

Lenders are required to follow a specific process to legally foreclose and auction off your home in Florida. This process is often performed illegally and is riddled with errors. The bank trying to foreclose on you may not even have the right to do so. Our law firm locates these errors and will file specific responses to argue the foreclosure cannot proceed. In order to effectively fight an HOA or bank foreclosure, the home owner must file the right documentation and plead a defense with the court. The lawyers at Soto Mack does exactly that on your behalf.

The Bank Does Not Always Have The Final Say:

Financial hardship has many home owners dealing with foreclosure due to a downed economy. Your situation may feel grim because banks are not typically lenient when dealing with missed payments. Our mission is to help inform the public of the alternatives of losing your home to the bank.

Foreclosure Defense is not just for families who have fallen on hard times. It can be a financially sound decision where a home owner wants to walk away from their mortgage debt free. The right foreclosure defense will allow you to more effectively negotiate with the bank. Know your legal rights and use them to your advantage. Banks are often guilty of disregarding certain regulation and laws by losing promissory notes, feigning assignments, and even forging important documents. Take advantage of this by ensuring the banks are held accountable for these common violations. Speak with an experienced foreclosure attorney today before it’s too late.

There are still ways to defend your foreclosure even if everything was done correctly by the lender. Our lawyers create custom foreclosure defense packages for each case that is brought in so no two cases are the same. Even a perfectly filed foreclosure can usually be defended for 6-8 months or more. It all depends on what stage your foreclosure was in when you contacted us. As long as the home is still in your name there is a very good chance our law firm can help you.