Domestic Violence

Kissimmee Domestic Violence Attorneys

It’s always important to hire an attorney following an arrest. When your charges involve domestic violence, it’s doubly important. Domestic abuse and violence charges can:

  • Almost immediately cut you off from your home and family
  • Be highly emotional because parties and witnesses are usually related
  • Require mandatory counseling
  • Involve the possibility of mandatory incarceration
  • Have permanent immigration consequences
  • Result in your loss of the right to carry a concealed weapon
  • Lead to even more serious consequences if a conviction is “enhanced” by a previous conviction

The criminal defense attorneys at Soto Mack Law know the complexities that can arise in domestic violence cases. We can provide caring, experienced and effective legal help. Have you been charged with:

  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Battery
  • Domestic Strangulation
  • Domestic Violence Release Conditions
  • Domestic Violence Sentencing Enhancements
  • False Imprisonment
  • Stalking Charges Attorneys
  • Violation of Restraining Order

 We Can

Analyze your case by gathering all evidence, talking to witnesses and interviewing the alleged victim.

Ask key questions. Was self-defense involved? The alleged victim may have struck the first blow; we can examine physical evidence and talk to witnesses to verify your account. Are there mitigating circumstances? We can assess mitigating circumstances that could allow for management classes, therapy, domestic abuse counseling and substance rehabilitation in place of fines and incarceration.

Protect your rights. We can prepare your case for trial, should that be the best option, and address a range of complex issues like the “No Contact” conditions of a bond. If a “no contact” condition prevents you from having access to your home or children, we can request that the court address the issue as quickly as possible.

For experienced legal help in addressing all issues relating to domestic violence charges, contact our firm at (407) 992-9252 today.