Child Custody


Custody, Visitation, & Time Sharing Attorney in Kissimmee

 Parents Get Equal Consideration

It is the public policy of Florida to ensure children have frequent and continuing visitation with each parent after the parents have separated. Therefore, the father and mother should be given the same consideration when determining custody, visitation, and time sharing, regardless of their child’s age or gender.

 Time sharing Awards are Often Unequal

Although parents are given equal consideration, the court can, and often does give one parent more time sharing than the other.  The court determines times haring and visitation according to a long list of statutory factors. Ultimately, time sharing and visitation may be awarded differently depending on the fitness of a parent, the ability and willingness of a parent to exercise time sharing, and a parent’s ability to encourage a positive relationship with the child’s other parent.

 Restrictions on Visitation & Time sharing

In some cases, the court will limit parental responsibility, or even grant sole parental responsibility, if it is in the best interests of the child. The court can also order supervised time sharing and make time sharing contingent on other factors, such as participation in substance abuse programs. If time sharing is contested, your experienced family law attorney can provide you options for parental decision making, visitation, and time sharing that accommodate the unique circumstances in your case.

 Get a Legal Strategy

Soto Mack Law Firm can help you assert your rights to parental decision making, establish time sharing and visitation schedules, modify time sharing and visitation schedules, and even get sole parental responsibility where appropriate. Statutory requirements, court rules, and administrative orders in child custody and time sharing cases must be strictly followed or you may lose certain rights forever. Call Soto Mack Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with an experienced child custody and time sharing attorney at (407) 992-9252