Property Crimes

Property crimes may be misdemeanor or felony charges depending upon many circumstances. Persons facing property crime charges do have a risk of incarceration. Certainly those faced with serious charges such as arson have a certainty of prison time. The probability of conviction and severity of any sentencing can be mitigated with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Property crimes can have many forms, including car theft, arson, bank fraud, burglary, larceny, buying, receiving, and possession of stolen property, criminal trespass, counterfeiting, destruction of property, embezzlement, credit card fraud, theft by deception, forgery, employee theft, and identify theft.

Lesser property crimes are car hopping, minor vandalism, minor shoplifting, tagging, and petty theft.

If you are facing any type of property crime charges you should immediately call Soto Mack, an experienced property crimes defense attorney firm.  Soto Mack has a well documented history of winning property crimes cases, through their persuasive style, knowledge of Florida laws, and sometimes employing an aggressive representation in court.