Drug Charges


 Defending Against Drug Possession Charges

If you have been charged with drug possession in Florida, The Soto Mack Law Group can help. The Stot Mack Law Group has been defending clients against drug charges and we are committed to keeping your record clean and achieving the best possible result in your drug charge case.

If you have been accused of drug possession, The Soto Mack Law Group is here to help. We defend against a broad range of misdemeanor and felony possession charges at the state and federal levels, including:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Cocaine possession
  • Meth possession
  • Illegal drug paraphernalia possession
  • Possession of prescription drugs
  • Ecstasy possession
  • Molly possession

The Soto Mack Law Group will work diligently to protect your record and your future, conducting a thorough investigation and exploiting weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. For example, if the evidence against you was obtained in an unconstitutional manner, we will seek to have the evidence withdrawn.